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This isn’t going as I planned. I’m trying, though.

  1. DO THE SPLITS. On purpose. Not drunken, accidental splits. Going to have to work hard for this one. I’m doing ok. I’m a long way off, but I’m working on it! I may actually get this one!

2. Up The Mount 40 times before I’m 40. I got 10 out of the way then got sick and didn’t go up for ages. Now I’m going up in between weather, sickness, school hols and heavy periods that render me virtually housebound. But I’m now at 16. It’s doable, but it’s gonna be hard.

3. Get up The Mount in under 25 minutes. Yeah, nah. Not even close, bro. Might need to start drinking coffee with Red Bull chaser.

4. Get up The Mount with no rest stops (or “photo opps” as they are code named) Yes, I have 3 goals involving The Mount. That’s because going up it is my personal beast, and I need to get over it. Yeah, nah. Nowhere near it, but I will get there!

5. Enter a 10km fun run/walk. I haven’t yet, but I will be, 10km walk is no sweat at this point.

6. Do 2 full pushups. Dependent on my very dodgy shoulder, so fingers crossed! I don’t see this happening with my shoulder, but I’m working on my strength!

7. Handstand against a wall for 10 seconds. This is another one that’s dependent on my bung shoulder. But I really want to do it! hahahahahahaha What the hell was I thinking?

8. Walk another half marathon. This doesn’t need to be an actual event, just me walking 21km in one go.Yeah this will happen, I have a date locked in, and a buddy. to do the actual final walk with 

9. Log 350km in planned walking (average 10km/week) It was on track until I got sick, but it’s still doable! Currently sitting at 143km, I’m confident I will smash this one.

10. Swim 1km non stop (in a pool) I’ve not even tried, but I used to be able to, so it will happen, just gotta get out there.

11. Book a family holiday (don’t need to have HAD it, just have one booked) Plans are in motion!

12. Book a family photo shoot YES!! I have!! It’s booked for end of September.

13. Romantic weekend away, just Adam and I. TICK!!

14. Learn to count to 20, plus 5 phrases, in a new language (can’t be Spanish, Japanese or Maori, already can do that) I honestly forgot this goal but am now keen as to knock this one out.

15. Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board. I never got there before it got cold, so I suspect this won’t happen until summer.

16. Go Glamping. Never done it, always wanted to. I think I was aiming a bit high. Have you seen the price of glamping? I so much want to go, but wow, it’s pricey!!!

17. See 5 Live music events/concerts. One down. Don’t have any plans for more, so this might be another one of those lofty goals..

18. Go Ziplining Nope, not yet, but I’m hoping to get there before my birthday, it looks fun!

19. Go up the Sky WakaI’ve since learned it actually ISN’T closed in Winter, it’s just a slightly different set up, and costs a bit more, but it might actually happen!!

20. Doughboats in Taupo. Not yet, but will tie this in with the Sky Waka when I can book that.

21. Five new hikes/walks. Four down!! Totally nailing this one.

22. Redwoods Tree Walk Was meant to happen these holidays but didn’t. They even had a special running! Will keep trying.

23. Visit an island I’ve never been to. Doesn’t matter how small it is. Not yet. Any suggestions?

24. Read 5 new books. 2 down, about to start my third. I will get this, for sure! Have to admit, has been quite nice curling up in the weekends and reading for a couple of hours.

25. Ride in a helicopter or small plane. Not yet, not sure how I will get this one! Maybe I can book something for during our South Island trip, then I can at least tick it off in advance!

26. Visit a new town I’ve never been to. Not yet. Need to actually look at a map, and pick somewhere!

27. Proper Hair Salon cut and colour. YES!! I did this!!!

28. Book a spa day, just for me – massage, facial. Not yet, but I can’t wait!

29. Donate a large food parcel to food bank. Not yet, but this is something I will get onto in the next couple of weeks.

30. Donate any spare blankets and jackets to the homeless. Done!!!

31. Go through my wardrobe and donate anything that hasn’t been worn in more than 12 months. Yes!! Done!

32. Plant two new fruit trees at home. Not yet. But it will be done by my birthday! I’ve decided on a mandarin and a pear, I think.

33. Finish off the front garden – stones, new greenhouse setup. Planned for early Spring

34. Clear out my “craft projects” cupboard, and either finish them, or throw them away. Not yet. I’m actually over looking at it now!

35. Finish my Spices, Baking Cupboard and Pantry upgrades. YES!!!!!

36. Finish our new outside area. We’re waiting until it warms up, but we will be able to afford it now, there’s actually 2 outside areas, and they will both be done.

37. Learn a new skill I can offer to clients. I’ve learned SO much in the last few weeks, and a lot more to learn. So yes, big tick here!

38. Pass 2500 Followers on my Nikki Does Life Instagram. (1946 so far). 2200 now, so it’s gonna happen!

39. Have 3 months where my self employed-ness could be classed as proper income and not just “play money” (1 month down!) YES!!I did this with heaps of time to spare!

40. Record 40 videos/lives across my different businesses, and actually post them. Not even close. I don’t see this happening, but I’ll keep aiming.

So so far, I can tick off 10 as DONE. There’s another 10 ish that I know I will get by my birthday.

The other 20…. a bit harder, and I’m going to have to haul ass or get rich to tick them off. Know anyone with a helicopter or glamping cottage or some serious pain killers-strength boosters to knock off the handstand and push ups??