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40 BEFORE 40

I’ve set myself some goals. We’re quickly getting closer and closer to 29 October, so honestly I wonder if I’m a bit ambitious, but hey, why not give it a go?

So, the idea is, set yourself 40 goals to achieve before you turn 40. Normally, I guess you would have a year or even more to do it in, but I like to live on the edge. Some might seem a bit boring to you, but they are things I want to get done. For obvious reasons (fuck you COVID), Travel goals are somewhat limited, but hey, maybe for my 50th? I’m also not super adventurous – I have no desire whatsoever to bungy jump, jump out of a plane or go on scary water rides. I’m a bit boring, and I’m totally fine with that.

So, with my limited adventurous ambitions, and international travel off the cards for the foreseeable future, coming up with 40 ideas was bloody hard. Luckily I had some friends with good ideas!

  1. DO THE SPLITS. On purpose. Not drunken, accidental splits. Going to have to work hard for this one.

2. Up The Mount 40 times before I’m 40. (1 down)

3. Get up The Mount in under 25 minutes.

4. Get up The Mount with no rest stops (or “photo opps” as they are code named) Yes, I have 3 goals involving The Mount. That’s because going up it is my personal beast, and I need to get over it.

5. Enter a 10km fun run/walk

6. Do 2 full pushups. Dependent on my very dodgy shoulder, so fingers crossed!

7. Handstand against a wall for 10 seconds. This is another one that’s dependent on my bung shoulder. But I really want to do it!

8. Walk another half marathon. This doesn’t need to be an actual event, just me walking 21km in one go.

9. Log 350km in planned walking (average 10km/week)

10. Swim 1km non stop (in a pool)

11. Book a family holiday (don’t need to have HAD it, just have one booked)

12. Book a family photo shoot

13. Romantic weekend away, just Adam and I

14. Learn to count to 20, plus 5 phrases, in a new language (can’t be Spanish, Japanese or Maori, already can do that)

15. Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board

16. Go Glamping. Never done it, always wanted to.

17. See 5 Live music events/concerts

18. Go Ziplining

19. Go up the Sky Waka

20. Doughboats in Taupo

21. Five new hikes/walks

22. Redwoods Tree Walk

23. Visit an island I’ve never been to. Doesn’t matter how small it is.

24. Read 5 new books

25. Ride in a helicopter or small plane

26. Visit a new town I’ve never been to.

27. Proper Hair Salon cut and colour

28. Book a spa day, just for me – massage, facial

29. Donate a large food parcel to food bank.

30. Donate any spare blankets and jackets to the homeless.

31. Go through my wardrobe and donate anything that hasn’t been worn in more than 12 months.

32. Plant two new fruit trees at home.

33. Finish off the front garden – stones, new greenhouse setup.

34. Clear out my “craft projects” cupboard, and either finish them, or throw them away.

35. Finish my Spices, Baking Cupboard and Pantry upgrades.

36. Finish our new outside area

37. Learn a new skill I can offer to clients

38. Pass 2500 Followers on my Nikki Does Life Instagram. (1946 so far)

39. Have 3 months where my self employed-ness could be classed as proper income and not just “play money” (1 month down!)

40. Record 40 videos/lives across my different businesses, and actually post them

So there you have it. 40 things I want to try/do/achieve before I’m 40, without doing scary shit, or travelling overseas. There’s plenty we can all do right here.

Will keep you posted!