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Last week I got a bit ranty. Wanna watch the Facebook video I did on this last week, instead of do the reading thing? You can click here – https://www.facebook.com/MisFitNZ/videos/495852984214157/

So, Summer is coming. It’s about now that everyone starts to lose their shit about whether they will be “bikini ready” come summer. They start to look at all the latest fad diets being endorsed by some low grade celebrity, or the latest “magic pill”.

They jump on the crash diet bandwagon. Probably spending money that they didn’t really have to spare in the first place.

Maybe they stick to it, maybe they don’t. Maybe they lose weight, maybe they don’t Maybe they realise there is no magic diet that will work long term, and that the only way to get a “bikini body” is to put the bloody bikini on.

You know what, though? Even though everyone IS bikini ready, not everyone WANTS to wear one. I don’t

Personally, if I was going to wear a bikini to the beach, it would have to be a VERY supportive one. I’ve had experiences of “The Girls” popping out at the worst moments. I’m quite happy in a tankini and board shorts, so I can boogie board and stuff.

Once upon a time, though, I would turn up to the beach in long baggy shorts and a baggy t shirt, and just sit on the beach, hot, miserable and hating myself. Then one day, I realised I was miserable, and really didn’t give a shit any more. I changed to wearing shorter shorts and a tank top, not only was a cooler, I was much happier.

So if you do want to wear a bikini, go nuts! Wear a friggen bikini. Wear what makes you happy. Don’t just do it because you think that’s the epitome of a good beach body. If that’s what your comfortable in, wear it.

There’s so much pressure to “get a beach body”, as if the only way to enjoy summer is to lose a shit load of weight, “tone up”  and then post millions of beach selfies on Instagram.

Instead of focusing on losing heaps of weight through some hard core diet that just isn’t sustainable, isn’t it better to focus on making a few changes that you can sustain long term? If you do a crash diet, and lose weight by under eating, and/or over exercising, or cutting out entire food groups, what happens when you ease back into normal life, and start to eat more or exercise less?

Why not make gradual changes, change a few key habits over time and work towards becoming the happiest, healthiest, fittest version of YOURSELF. Not some photoshopped celeb on Insta? Make it something you can keep up long term.

What you look like and what you weigh, have NOTHING to do with whether you “can” wear a bikini. That’s all in your head.

I’ve rambled on a bit. Can you tell I feel strongly about this? I really do!

I see so many people going onto the hardcore diets in the hopes they “can” wear a bikini in summer. Either they deprive themselves so much that they crash and burn, or they get to wear they wanted to be, and as soon as they start to return to “normal eating”, they gain it all back, usually plus extra. So what was the point? Either way, they end up spending summer miserable and uncomfortable, when if they had focused on the bigger picture in that time, they probably will lose weight, but more importantly, they will be happier, healthier and fitter – and that is all so much more important.

Slower, sustainable, bigger picture changes might not sound as sexy and exciting as the girl who lost all that weight, just so she “could” wear a bikini, but who do you think will get to summer happier, and loving themselves more?

So that’s what I’m all about. Helping ladies to take better care of themselves. To make regular, long term changes to their habits, to become happier and more active, so they can REALLY enjoy summer, not just worry about what togs to wear.

I will pop a link below to the next online round of Happier Healthier Fitter, which kicks off on September 17, I would love you to come join us!

See ya later!

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