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Ok, so this one wasn’t really “play” as such, but it’s still about being active with the kids, instead of vegeing on the couch watching movies. (Although that activity really does have it’s place as well!!)

So the hubby got offered a couple of days off this week to have some family time while the kids were home. It happened to coincide with our one free day this week, AND the weather was stunning, so off we went for some free and active fun.

We started off with a homemade picnic at the beach. Nothing flash or expensive, just the basics and good company and sunshine. Then it was time to go up The Mount.

I hate the idea of going up The Mount. I’m always super proud and happy when I’m at the top, but no matter how fit I may think I am, I do my own head in, thinking about going up it, how much it will hurt, my legs don’t like going up the main stairs, all that stuff. So I never do it. And I’m coming off 23 months of continuous physio, for various injuries, one after the other. (accident prone? yep) And Miss 6.5 isn’t the biggest fan of big walks, and likes to tell us ALL about it. So it was with a lot of hesitation that I agreed to do a “family walk” up the bugger, on the agreement that the boys would go up ALL the stairs, and we would go up through the campground, and around the “pretty way”, and meet them at the top. Less stress on my poor rehabby body, and (hopefully) less whingeing from the little Miss.









Well, we did it! Quite a few stops, and we weren’t fast, but there was no complaining by either of us girls. And at the top, we were all so pleased with ourselves. Hubby is naturally pretty fit anyway, but has been less active this past year or so. Nevertheless, he and Mr 9 hoofed it up the stairs to the top and came back down the way we were going to meet us and went back up to the top with us as well. Far too much energy for my liking.

This is my proud face!

So little Miss and I set a goal. To keep up our walking, and by the end of Summer, we will be able to get to the top of The Mount without stopping. We don’t care about speed/time,  or how fast anyone else goes, we just want to do it without stopping for a rest.

Good goal, huh? No focus at all on body shape, just plain old fitness.

Love my babies!!

After our walk, we decided a swim would be ideal. The boy has decided to enter as a team in his first ever Weetbix TRYathlon in November, he’s doing the swim and run, so needs a bit of swim training in that time. We hit up Baywave for a couple of hours, which was so nice! I just did gentle laps with him in the kids pool, while his sister played around and practiced her floating and kicking etc.


Ended up being a pretty great family day! As we drove home, the kids were talking about what a cool day it was, and they loved going out with us. Mission accomplished!