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Sometimes in the holidays, it’s easy to get sucked in to just hanging round home, doing nothing. To fill your days with “getting shit done”.  You might have to work.

But if you’re able to get out and take the kids out for something fun, you know what our favourite FREE way to spend a morning/afternoon is? Playground Hunting. We’re always on the hunt for a new playground to try out.

Earlier this week, we tried out the new playground at Tauranga Primary School. There was already 2 awesome playgrounds there, but the 3rd playground has just been upgraded, so we went and checked that one out.

Normally, this is me – sitting on the sidelines, watching, waiting to have to catch someone who’s arms get tired. Playing on Facebook or Instagram. More or less bored.

But lately I’ve decided that it would be more fun for everyone if I get up off my ass and join them for a bit. Doesn’t have to be the whole time, but the look on their faces when I climbed up the ladder, through the tunnel and joined in, was priceless. It just reinforced that I don’t NEED to sit on my ass and do nothing, while they have fun. The kids, especially the boy, were so happy that Mama was playing too. They didn’t care that my bung shoulder stopped me from doing monkey bars and the monorail thing with them. I was climbing up the ladders, going down slides, doing the spider web frame. Happy babies.

The look on his face, and the laughing said it all – Mum playing with us is COOL!


So that’s what I did. I climbed the climbing wall, went through tunnels, up and down ladders and bridges.

Can you tell a 6 year old took this photo? Wonky, with a side of finger.










Even went down some slides. Didn’t even get my ass stuck in it.


When we left to go home, both kids said they had so much fun, and that it was the best playground ever, because I PLAYED WITH THEM.

Mission accomplished.


Do you play when you go to a playground? If not… give it a go! It’s fun, you can make it a workout AND your kids will remember Mum joining in and having a laugh with them.


See ya next week