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This is something that I shared with my current online group of ladies, this morning, and I decided I want to share with you.

You choose how you feel about or react to a situation. The situation doesn’t dictate how you should feel. On that note, this morning I decided to give something a go.

I’m a bit road ragey. I’ll admit it, I’m pretty terrible.So this morning, I decided that the person who is pissing me off for whatever reason, firstly, they can’t HEAR me. My windows are up. They also probably can’t SEE me, as my windows are also tinted. But besides both of these factors, it achieves NOTHING. Nothing at all. It doesn’t make them speed up, get out of the way, or even to learn the road rules.

So what does my ranting achieve? Well, nothing positive. All it does is agitate me, add to the anxiety levels, and put a negative spin on my day.

So I CHOSE to not react. No “get out of the fucking way you moron”, no hand gestures. I don’t do the fingers or anything, but I am known to throw my hands up in the air in frustration, it’s very dramatic. Just no reaction. Just patiently wait and carry on when they are finished with their…driving… I won’t say this hugely IMPROVED my day, but it was nice to not spend the next 5 minutes fuming at how much they inconvenienced me.

The second thing I made a conscious decision to do, is to acknowledge people more. I was walking out of a store with my hands full, and a nice elderly man ahead of me saw me, got up, went and opened the door for me, and said “there you go”. instead of a quick smile and a “thank you” as I breeze past, I slowed down, big smile,said, “oh! thank you for that, have a great day!”, I got a big happy grin in return, and “You have a lovely day too!”. We both walked out with big happy smiles.

Then I drive off and a lady walked out on the Pedestrian Crossing. I always wait for pedestrians on a crossing, no brainer there, but when she waved a thanks, instead of a quick wave, or no reaction, I waved and gave HER a big happy smile as well.

These are all really simple things, nothing revolutionary here. But my point is,by showing a little kindness, and more courtesy than I usually would,I know I was kind to other people, but it also brightened MY day, and I headed off on my way in a much happier frame of mind, than if I got pissed off with other road users, or just brushed past someone that was doing me a courtesy.

Sometimes it can really take some effort. But I promise you, give it a try if you don’t already. It can really change your day.

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Have a fantastic weekend!