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The last few months have been a rollercoaster.

At the start of November, my hubby had a really dry mouth, and was incredibly thirsty. It hit out of nowhere, and after a couple of days of it, and after googling and deciding he had diabetes, he took himself to the Doctors, and said he wants to test his sugars. Of course the Nurse may as well have rolled her eyes, here’s another cuckoo who self diagnosed himself. But she humoured him and did the test. Guess what?
 His self googling was correct. His sugars were sky high. So much so that a Doctor came in and said to get himself straight to Hospital, right NOW.
​So I met him at home and took him straight there, they were waiting for him and started doing tests straight away. At the time, he was showing signs of both Type 1 and Type 2, and they couldn’t determine which he has. On one hand, he’s fit, otherwise really healthy (blood pressure of a teenager), so you would assume type 1. But then there is no genetic history of it, so they sent off for testing and said to expect an answer in about a week. In the mean time, here’s some oral medication to get you started and here’s some brochures to read.
It all happened in such a whirlwind, neither of us really had time to digest it. So much to take in, and despite making a lot of positive changes already, this year, it meant a lot more changes had to be made. And for me, as the primary cook in the house, lots of learning about what is suitable and what is not. Before he even left the hospital, I made the decision that this is a change we can all make, living on less carbs and sugar is not exactly a bad thing for any one. Granted, the kids and I still have more changes to make to match him, but we are getting there.
The results that came back were unexpected. He doesn’t have Type 1 OR Type 2. He has Type 1.5. It’s actually a thing – See here for more about it – www.diabetesnet.com/about-diabetes/types-diabetes/type-15. Long story short, it’s late onset Type 1, where his body is producing antibodies that are fighting his own pancreas. He had his sugars checked 4 months before at a routine work health check, and they were fine, so it was completely out of the blue. So far he has been incredibly anal about managing it, which is a good thing. It was an instant change when he left the hospital, and really he hasn’t wavered at all. It’s all been about learning what he can and can’t have, what spikes his sugars, what doesn’t really affect them at all. Besides the sugar intake having to be hugely reduced, the other main change was serving sizes. Although we were eating much better food, our serving sizes were far too big, so that has had to change for him. 
Over time, his pancreas will deterioate more and more, the timeline for that is uncertain, it could be months, with good self care, it could be 20-30 years down the track. He will gradually need to increase the number of insulin doses each day, and the amount required, for now, with as careful as he is being, and with the weight just falling off him, his dosage is pretty minimal.
So if you notice a slight change in focus in my recipes etc that I post on here, this is why. I am doing so much research into Diabetic suitable recipes for our family, and there really is no harm in everyone eating a diet lower in sugar and carbs, so it will be appropriate for many of you!
That’s all from me. It’s taken him quite awhile to get a handle on this, and it certainly hasn’t been an easy diagnosis for him to take, but we are all getting to grips with it now, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s a lesser diagnosis than what some people get with other illnesses and diseases. With keeping on top of a healthy lifestyle, there’s a high likelyhood that nothing else will change for a long time.