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Last Friday our eldest kiddo, Dexter, turned 7. I can’t believe we have kept a human alive and well for 7 whole years now! Considering, as Hubby pointed out, I couldn’t even keep a plant alive when we met! But yet, here he is, healthy and thriving!
He has a slight love (ok, obsession) of Pokémon. So what better theme than a Pokémon Party? The kid was BEYOND excited!! It was a huge success, everyone had a great time, and there was no fighting or tears the whole party!!
We started with just planning to get Pokémon themed Goodie Bags from Rhiannon from    Remarquable Wonder  https://www.facebook.com/remarquablewonder/?fref=ts. They were super cool!! Then 2 nights before the party, Dex asked what Pokémon food we were going to have and what games. So hubby and I put our thinking caps on, and came up with these lil gems. – Poke Puffs (Macarons and Chocolate Kisses), Charizard Fireballs (Cheeseballs), Pikachu Pizza (Pizza), Jigglypuff Jelly (non-alcoholic Jelly Shots). He was so happy! Then Hubby went a little decorating crazy, including a giant Pin The Tail On The Pikachu game!!