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My shoulder injury flared up again while I was closed. And although the restrictions were only on anything involving upper-body work, I was already so down on myself, that having that restriction chucked in there (I love my weights), I just went the whole way and stopped ALL exercise.

I did NOTHING. For a good few months.

Which was a dumb idea. Even just getting out for a walk would have helped me, but I didn’t see it that way. So I’ve spent the last month or so just getting outside, doing gardening, moving rubbish, etc. Just getting out in the fresh air has been a huge help. Then getting the gym set back up before Christmas, felt like real progress. And now I’m back into my workouts, it feels AMAZING.

And that’s my point. Don’t exercise because you want to lose weight. Exercise for what it does to your mindset. For your energy.

But it’s bloody hard to shift, and so I’m choosing to exercise for my happiness, not the scales. My scales actually have a flat battery right now, and I don’t intend changing them for a few

It’s all you can do. I spout the whole “fuck the scales” mentality, but prior to dropping exercise, I had no actual reason for why I was gaining weight so fast. I was exercising and eating well, so what the hell, body? That was really messing with my head.

But knowing my exercise has been down, and let’s be honest, Christmas, I have no excuses for the time being. That’s all back on track now, so I will just focus on exercising for happiness, and for my energy levels, and see what happens.

So you can come along for the ride, if you like. From time to time I might tell you if the scales have moved, or what the tape measure is doing, (far more accurate, anyway) but more often, you will be hearing about how getting back in to exercise is affecting my mindset, and my energy levels.

At least it’s been so bloody long since I’ve been exercising properly, I should get those sought after “newbie gains” again!!

Shall keep ya posted