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These pictures are actually from a few months ago, probably just before winter, really. I saved them up until I had a blog again to be able to share them with you.

Part of my quest for a better, healthier life, is getting out with the family, in the fresh air, and getting some exercise for all of us. Our boy loves going for walks, especially in the bush. Our girl… the novelty wears off pretty quick.



























At least with this walk, though, there is heaps to see and explore, which kept her interest going for longer.


We have done this walk a couple of times now, but this time we went right around, across the big wooden bridge and through into the part called the “Windows Walk”. This goes through a huge old mining shaft, and has “windows” cut into the edge of the cliff, which lets some light in. It’s pretty awesome, the kids loved it! Along the way there are old carts to look at, little paths off the main path to explore, all sorts!

Although it’s only a couple of kilometres long, I would allow a couple of hours to complete, as there is heaps to look at, and if you go right around, you can finish (or start, depending which way around the loop you go) with the big tunnel, which these days is quite well lit, but if you have little people, a torch will come in handy.

Head here – https://www.freewalks.nz/tauranga-tramping/karangahake-gorge-window-walk/track to find out more information. Kid friendly, but for the actual Windows part, not pram or wheelchair friendly. The rest is pretty good for these though. Lots of spots, both at the beginning/end for a picnic lunch. Besides when you are in the tunnels and mine shafts, though, there is not a lot of shade, so bring a hat and sunscreen, as it gets pretty hot, especially in the middle of summer!