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It’s winter. It’s cold. No one really feels much like exercising, and big stodgy hot dinners with heaps of  starchy carbs are so freakin tempting. 
It’s easy to feel like you are making no progress at  all at this time of year. So I decided, despite having  set backs lately – weather, so busy, injury blah blah blah, I would account for the GOOD stuff that has been happening, that is adding up to me still making progress. Day to day stuff that you may not notice.


While I hadn’t been doing much for a few months (I fell
down some concrete stairs a few months back and it
took aaaaages to come right), I have been slowly increasing
my incidental exercise, and trying to focus more on
increasing my strength and flexibility, than doing my head
in worrying about weight loss.

It’s been working. At our house we have a really steep
driveway, then steep stone steps to the front door, and
steps from front door to main part of the house. I used to
really struggle, on a daily basis, especially like now, in
winter, when my legs got really achy and sore to go up and down those buggers.

Not now. I can RUN up those steps. Not like two at a time or anything, but I can get up them at a good jog! And my feet don’t hurt when I go down the steps any more.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that I usually get hubby to do all the “man stuff”, like lifting
heavy stuff. Once upon a time, I was really strong, but my back has been dodgy for so long, I’m more than a little paranoid about hurting it. Well, hubby hurt HIS back. Really badly. So I had to do some of the man work myself. Most recently, this included going downstairs to the dark,
unlined, stinky cupboard and digging through our piles of “stuff” to find 2 gas bottles, 2 heaters, and a cat cage, and carrying all that stuff upstairs and setting it all up. 

Now, 6 months  ago, I wouldn’t have had a shit show of managing all that. But it was easy(ish), no injury, and I was a little bit proud of myself. Little things. 

We’ve all been getting out more as a family too. Admittedly, it’s often to play Pokemon Go, but we are out of the house, moving, having fun and spending time together, so I figure that’s a good thing. Better than staying home doing nothing and being grumpy and bored!
I also do a couple of cleaning jobs each week, on top of everything else. Over reaching much? Maybe. Anyway, I’ve been making more of an effort to turn these jobs into a mini workout – lunges with the vacuum cleaner, squats while cleaning walls, shoulder work out with the mop etc. So many chances to get in some extra movement! And it’s helping,
I’ve definitely noticed a difference, a bit stronger, not such an effort to do those movements now. It all adds up.
And that’s my point. You don’t have to go full bore into an exercise routine to see changes. Slowly, surely, you can get there, so keep going!