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You already know that I’m a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach/Wellness Coach, whatever you want to call me. I’m good at my job, I always get great reviews/feedback from my clients, who get great results when working with me. I’ve always said that being “normal size” makes me more approachable, that I’m a “real” person, not scary, not muscle mary etc, and it does seem to be true.

You know what, though? I’m always better at caring for others, helping them achieve THEIR goals, and pushing mine to the side. Do you do that, too? I think a lot of us do.

I’ve run a blog of my own journey for a few years, alongside my business page, but it’s been seriously neglected, and I’ve decided, NO. I teach all the ladies that I work with to care for themselves more, that they are worth caring for themselves, making themselves a priority.

But I don’t practice what I preach. Not as well as I should, anyway. I need to look after myself WHILE helping the amazing ladies that I work with.

So I decided to step up my own self care. Make an effort to move more, to eat what I know will will make me feel good AFTER I’ve eaten, rather than just eating to feel good WHILE I eat, then feeling like crap afterwards. All stuff I teach my ladies, but that has made me feel like a fraud lately, as I’ve been so busy caring for others that I’ve not put it into practice myself for awhile.

It’s going well, so far so good, since I last posted about this. I’ve decided now school has gone back, and I don’t have as much on for the next little while, it’s time to really crack down. I’m nursing a pretty nasty shoulder injury from February, so upper body weights and swimming (both exercises that I love) have been a bit on the back burner, but while I have a bit more spare time during the day, I will be able to get out for more walks, but the biggest focus is going to be on my nutrition. Food is key. I make pretty good choices, generally, if I’m totally honest, but my serving sizes are too big, I eat too many carbs (pre diabetic here, not just saying too many carbs for some fad-reason), and my water intake could be better. Carbs have been reduced, and have heavily reduce my gluten on the GPs suggestion (not gluten intolerant, just perhaps a little sensitive – it definitely is helping)


So. 14 weeks til my birthday. 22 weeks til Christmas. I love my family, and I want this summer to be even better than last, and a lot of that hinges on me being more active, and healthier. I’m not aiming for big numbers on the scales, though I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a number in mind, but I lose weight so slowly that I have learnt to work with the focus on how you FEEL. How much energy do you have? Are you being nice to yourself? Are you moving more than you were?  If the number on the scale is relevant to your energy, your pain levels, your all over health – then it needs to change. If not, it’s just a number. So I’m taking a sheet from my own book and following my own programme. If it’s good enough for my clients, it’s good enough for me, yeah? I’ve followed it plenty of times in the past, but I need to follow it longer term, not only to prove to others that it works, and is sustainable, but also to prove to myself that I love myself enough to put the work in to improve my whole lifestyle.


Nothing is easy. I know that. The work I have put in so far has me stronger and fitter than I have been in YEARS. But there is more work to do, and it’s time to step it up.

I decided to use my MisFIT blog to document my progress. It’s completely relevant, and shows that I walk the talk, right? (talk the walk? I’m not sure) So I will. Be prepared for more updates from me now that I’ve decided to share my own journey with the world even more than before!

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