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The original title I used was “How I’m going to make 2018 my BITCH”, but I decided to go with the more PC version. 

I’ve had a lot of goals the last couple of years. Pretty specific ones, too.

2016 was all about working on my head space. Focusing less on food guilt, the sloth feeling, and general self-hatery. (it’s a word!). It was a brutal year, but my health was so terrible, that all ideas of losing weight, getting fit etc, went right out the door. Instead I worked on being nicer to myself, focusing on eating food that made me feel good and gave me more energy, rather than eating food that I labelled as good/bad, then getting the guilts when I “fucked up” my “diet”

2017 has been all about getting on top of my health and injuries. It’s been a HUGE year. Injury wise, I went into 2017 with a back injury that I have had for 16 years and cannot fix, a sore shoulder muscle that wouldn’t heal, recovering from a torn calf muscle (November 2016), and shin splints that stop me from doing anything other than a slow plod/walk. With the help of an awesome Physiotherapist, I have been working on all of these. A few months ago I also had the good fortune of adding whiplash to the mix after a car accident. Again, weight loss could not be my focus. I had hoped that it would happen anyway, and really, it should have, but I focused purely on recovery and building strength. I am getting fitter, and I am stronger than I have been in years. Also, with all my rehab work on my lower back, I am finally seeing improvements. It is not something that will ever be “fixed”, but with consistent strength work, building my core and focusing on keeping active, I should be able to manage it well enough for it to not bother me too much. Then, there is my health. I’ve touched on it in previous posts, but this year has been about just looking after myself. I still get sick a lot, and still everything hurts a lot, but I am seeing improvements, and from being diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes earlier this year, I have noticed that things (joints, mainly) hurt a lot less when I reduce my carb and in particular, my sugar intake. So that is my big nutritional focus for 2018 – to stick with this and up the exercise further. I made awesome progress on my strength and fitness this year, now I want to build on that.

So what will 2018 bring for me?

Well, I’ve tried not to focus on my weight so far. I’m sure I could have done that already, instead of spending fucking forever worrying about mind health and physical health, and maybe even lost some. 2 years with virtually NO weight loss makes me cry.  I say I’m not all about the weight, and I’m NOT. If you are fit, healthy and overweight, you are still fit and healthy, so weight should be irrelevant. But when feeling this heavy makes me NOT feel healthy, it becomes very relevant. I always feel so heavy and I hate it. I’ve changed what I eat, I’ve hugely upped the vege intake, reduced bread and pasta intake, upped the water, upped the exercise. Lots of things. And still nothing.  With the pre diabetes, I have reduced my sugar and carb intake, quite a bit, but if I am TOTALLY honest with myself, this is the one thing I haven’t tried as thoroughly as I should, so as I mentioned above, that is my nutrition goal for 2018. My GP’s suggestion was to really work hard at the carb reduction, and trial gluten free (I’m not allergic to gluten, however gluten intolerance is highly likely, which doesn’t show up on a blood test), and if still no progress on my weight in about 6 months we will look at referral to an Endocrinologist, though with weight being the main issue, not cycles, PMS etc symptoms, I will likely take a very long time to be seen, so best to rule as much out as possible before we go down that path.

So that’s me. Some big goals, but not a KG loss goal in sight, still. It will come, but I do not want it to be my focus. I’ve gotten this far focusing on the big picture, and while yes, seeing the scales will come down, it’s not the big picture.

So – my 8 goals for 2018:

  • Focus on reducing carbs, and increasing protein and “good” fats – from day 1 onwards
  • Remove as much “white/processed” foods as I can – from day 1 onwards
  • 2l water MINIMUM daily – build up to this again, regularly drinking 2l daily by January 15
  • To be able to walk/run 5km without shin pain – by July (walking 5km is easy peasy. Walk-run hurts!)
  • To be completing 3x strength workouts per week – from January 1
  • To get out for 2 walks per week – from when school goes back January 31
  • 1 swim per week minimum per week – from when school goes back January 31
  • TO NOT STEP ON THE SCALES MORE THAN ONCE A FORTNIGHT. It does my head in, and I need to stop.

There are lots of other little ones, but these are all things that I know I can achieve with some dedication. And the ones that will make the biggest difference, overall. I am the most motivated I have ever been, and feel positive that I can really keep going. I’ve already made some pretty big changes this year, so I just need to keep building on them and life will be golden.

What are your goals? How are you going to make sure you achieve them, and even more importantly, maintain them?