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Every time a new round of You First rolls around, I chat with ladies who are so keen to join. To start to make the changes that could overhaul their WHOLE LIVES.

They want to start. They know they need to put some time and effort into themselves. To put themselves first for once.

But you know what the most common reason for not jumping in is?

I’m too busy.

Life is just hectic right now.

Nah, school holidays are too hard.

Work is chaos.

The kids have so much on.

You know what, though? Life happens, and it’s gonna keep happening until you die. The trick is to learn how to work around that, Putting a healthier, more active lifestyle off because you’re too busy just WON’T WORK. There will always be something to keep you from starting.

Stop letting your commitments keep you from a happier, healthier and fitter life. If anything, the skills and habits you pick up from doing this will make it EASIER to manage the chaos of living.

The same goes for the ladies who DO start, and then have a setback during our 10 weeks together – you can’t use it as an excuse to go back to crap eating or not moving from the couch (unless you physically CAN’T get off the couch!), but to some extent, you can control how much you let any unexpected things derail your progress. Things happen, and they always will, so it’s time to move on from that excuse and make shit happen FOR you, not TO you. Make yourself a priority, find the time to work on yourself for once.

Those around you may be mildly inconvenienced by your new lease on life, but it will only be temporary. When they realise how much happier you are, and how much more energy you have to be with them, they will be all in, 100%.

So what do you think? Is it time you cared for YOURSELF? I think it is! Check out the link, and come join us in June for the Winter round of You First. It’s 10 weeks long, all online (so doesn’t matter where in the world you are), and it all starts wherever YOU need to start. I’ve worked with ladies in their 60s and ladies in their 20s. Ladies who want to lose weight, ladies who want to stay the same weight, and ladies who want to gain weight, weight is irrelevant, we can all support and encourage each other no matter what our goals or situations are.

Click here to go read more about it and see if it’s right for you.

So check it out! I would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions at all, please get in touch.