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Blogs have very much taken a backseat in the last few months.

I started another (yes, ANOTHER) business, as a Virtual Assistant, and I have to say, it’s kind of taken off!

Which meant MisFIT had to take a back seat for awhile.

If you’ve been here longer than that, you’ll also know I had to take a break last year for my own health. I’m pretty open about all that, I can’t help you if I’m not helping myself, right?

I’ve missed you all, though. And in the time I’ve been so busy, I’ve found myself with a renewed sense of purpose. Working from home, it’s so easy to not take care of ourselves!

It’s easy to think “oh, you’re at home all the time, you can do what you like!” but honestly? It’s about making the time! There’s always something else to be done.

So, my focus hasn’t changed. I’m still 100% focused on the long game –

Exercise for our mental health, for our energy, for prolonging life.

Eating to fuel our bodies, not starving ourselves, and not bingeing either.

Making changes that we can live with forever, not just the short term.

So I’m here. You’ll see more of me now 🙂 I’ve missed you all!