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My focus this year has been on getting stronger and healthier, as well as happier. Of course I still have a weight loss goal, and when I reach that goal, I will still be over the moon, BUT I am working more on fitness, and getting stronger.
​That said. Today I did my measurements, to compare to the start of the year. Only a few kg down, and exercise only recently stepped up, so I’m pretty happy, as things are improving faster and faster now. 
                 07/01/2016   29/08/16
Bust            114cm         111cm 
Waist          101cm         92cm
Belly Button  115cm          108cm
Butt           122cm          120cm
Upper Thigh  71cm           70.5cm
Upper Arm    36cm          35.5cm


I’m happy. I’m happier, though, that I’m getting so much stronger. I’ve really upped my resistance training, particularly lower body. More lunges, squats, ab work. My core REALLY needs strengthening, long standing back problems and 2 C Sections, I never rebuilt my strength. Things are changing, getting better, stronger!