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I heard this on a podcast the other day, and it stuck in my head, it was maybe 2 weeks ago, and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Sometimes we put off making any changes, it feels like they are so small, they will have no effect, so why bother?

But what if we reframed that thought, and made those changes, anyway?

Not currently doing any exercise whatsoever? A 10 minute walk, 3 x a week sounds small, yeah? Maybe even insignificant? But, what if we do this EVERY week. Long term. And slowly add to it. 3x a week, for 20 minutes a time. Or once in the morning and once after dinner. Add in some hills. Go up to 4x a week. You can build on it in so many ways.

It might be hard, but just keep going.

Further down the track, you might start to find you actually MISS exercise on the days you don’t do it. How’s that for life changing?

Instead of grabbing the carpark closest to the entryway, park further away and walk over. Do that every time you hit the shops. Take the stairs, not the lift.

Currently not drinking any water? Start with 2 small glasses a day. Make it 4 glasses a day, then later, make the glasses a bit bigger. Drink water with a herbal tea bag or a slice of lime. Match your coffee/fizzy drink with a glass of water. It all adds up.

Saving money? $5 a week you might not even notice coming out of your bank account. But it adds up, and it’s a savings account with bonus interest, it adds up even faster.

Go to bed half an hour earlier. Every night. Not just once. Your body will thank you.

Allocate 5-10 minutes a day for you. Every day. If it means getting up earlier than the rest of the house for a quiet coffee, before the world wakes up, do it. That small block of time that’s just for you, will make a huge difference.

These are all tiny changes that you can make right NOW to your life, and when you’ve stuck with them awhile, you will see, things have changed. You just have to get started.

I think the biggest thing is this: You make one small change. You feel good within yourself for making that one change and sticking with it. And so you make another change. And then another. It compounds over time, and becomes life changing.

And that’s my point. Changing one thing might seem irrelevant. But when you add it up over time, it really can change everything.

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