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So here we are. Into July already!

Let’s be honest. 2020 so far has had some pretty shithouse moments so far. Months? Yeah, months.

Surely it can’t get any worse than April and May, right?

A lot of us would have kicked off 2020 with a list of goals. I decided to follow the 20 in 2020 idea and set myself TWENTY goals. It was ambitious even without 8 weeks of lockdown, and subsequent month of not much being open, everyone being cautious etc. So, it’s time to sit down and take a look at how that’s going.

  1. Complete the April Half Marathon (walking): Well…. it was CANCELLED!! So, no. But instead I joined an online half marathon during lockdown. It was completely different, really, but it’s the best I could do given the circumstances. I am keeping an eye out for another event later this year.
  2. Stand Up paddle boarding. Well, I bought a pass to go and try it, and then lock down happened. They assure me that I can still use it this coming summer, so I should still get it done before New Years Eve!
  3. Visit a new country: Hmm. Yeah. No more comments on that one…
  4. Consistent 5x per week exercise: It’s getting there. Completely slipped over lockdown, but it’s coming back up now.
  5. Try and adults dance class: Not so far, but there’s plenty of time for this one at least!
  6. Try a Yoga class: As with the dance class, no, but there’s still time.
  7. Up and down the Mount 2x back to back: Nope. I’m planning to get back into going up the Mount soon, so can build on it then.
  8. 30x up The Mount over the year. Nope. Now it’s going to have to be 30x in 6 months!!!
  9. Do 10 cartwheels without hurting my shoulder: I think this one may have been too ambitious, my shoulder is still TERRIBLE!!!
  10. Do the splits, on purpose: Hmmm well, I’ve been working on my flexibility, still a long way to go.
  11. Try indoor climbing again: Definitely going to knock this one out at some stage. Our boy is part monkey and is really keen to go some time, so it’s on the cards, and I’m really excited!
  12. Be officially diagnosed as no longer pre diabetic: I’m due for my next HBA1C test this coming week, we will see.
  13. Run 5km without stopping: Yeah, nah. We will see.
  14. Build a habit of 3x per week early morning workouts: Hahaha sleep is gold. Will keep working on it.
  15. Cycle 20km: I’ve asked hubby to dig my bike out so I can get it checked over, and hopefully start working on this one.
  16. Re-find my energy: Actually, energy levels are climbing, finally and I’m not mad about it!
  17. Read 10 books that aren’t kids books: I’m down 2. This is why I set the bar so low on this one!!! I have a couple more here to read, so I will get there!
  18. Try 5 new bushwalks of more than 45 minutes: Not happened yet, but it will!! I’ve got a list that I’m eager to crack in to asap.
  19. Visit Napier: YES!! I’m headed down there next week!!
  20. 1500km of planned walking: Actually, this is going quite well. I need to do the numbers, but it’s going nicely!

So it’s not going that fantastically. But it’s ok. Some of it has been beyond my control, I will just keep chugging along and achieve as many as I can.

These are just my personal goals. There’s a heap of business goals as well. Apparently I’m the cliche of someone who’s motivated by goal setting and lists.

What goals did you set yourself at the start of the year? How are you getting on with achieving them?

Regardless of the setbacks and complications we’ve all had, there’s still 6 months to get off our ass and make the second half of 2020 amazing. So let’s get moving!!!