MisFIT NZ is based in Tauranga, and offers both face to face and online personal training options.

For those who are local to me, face to face training, whether it be 1-1 or in small groups, is a fantastic option. Having a set time and place to show up to exercise is fabulous, and really holds you accountable. If you have an appointment, then you HAVE to show up and do the work.

However, if you’re not based in Tauranga, online coaching has really come a long way recently. With reliable video/conference calling now a very viable option, it’s almost like we are face to face anyway. With my online clients, I also am even more available in between appointments, so you can get in touch whenever you need something, whether it be some accountability, some new exercises or just a chat to keep the motivation going.

I currently offer 3 different options for online coaching:

Group Membership

My newly launched Group Membership section is now live, and ready to go. It’s the best option if all you’re wanting is recipes, tips, hints and workouts, and are happy to go it alone (with a helpful regular newsletter and Facebook group available as well, to go with it) The group membership section is updated monthly (usually weekly) with new content, so it never gets stale!

The first 10 memberships are sold out, so I have just released the next level – If you use the code FOUNDATIONMEMBER you can join us for only $6 per month!!

10 Week Online Group Coaching – You First

If you want something with more support, more personalised advice and a whole lot of group motivation, as well as access to the recipes and workouts above, why not look at my 10 week online programme, You First. I tend to run these 4 times per year, and the results for ladies who have joined and done the work, have been FAB-YOU-LOUS.

I have a whole lot to say about this programme, so you’re best to just head here – https://misfitnz.co.nz/online-services/you-first/ to read all about it.

1-1 Online Coaching

This is the big Kahuna of what I have to offer. You still gain access to the Members Only section – recipes and workouts etc. But you also get 1-1 access with ME. This is not a group set up, although as time goes on, there will also be an online group set up for all ladies that are working with me in an online capacity, but the biggest part of this is knowing someone will be holding you accountable. That’s the big buzz word right now, right? Accountability?

So while I will help you to learn the tools to move on and life life your way, but better and healthier, with 1-1 coaching you know there is always someone on your side, being your biggest cheerleader.

Head here to find out even more about 1-1 Coaching.