The Group Membership section is now live, and ready to go. This is the simplest of my online options – it’s the best option if all you’re wanting is recipes, tips, hints and workouts, and are happy to go it alone (with a helpful regular newsletter and Facebook group available as well, to go with it) The group membership section is updated monthly (usually weekly) with new content, so it never gets stale!

If you use the code FOUNDATIONMEMBER you can join us for only $6 per month!! (The normal rate will be $15 per month)

Click here to join us! and be sure to use that code.

If you want something a little more personalised – whether that’s one to one attention, or a group programme where you are all working through things together, then take a look at You First or my One to One Coaching programme as an option to step it up a little.

But if you’ve got plenty of enthusiasm to get yourself moving, and are happy to just receive the programmes, and learn as you go, then jump on in to the group membership!

My free Facebook Group is there for everyone as well, whether you’re a client or not, so be sure to check that out as well.

As far as workouts go – there’s already 10 loaded in the membership section, (they’re about to undergo a face lift to be even more user friendly, but in the mean time, they are still all there) These are a variety of body weight, circuit, HIIT, Tabata and good old fashioned weight training. There is also a section all about each exercise – correct techniques etc, to reduce the risk of injury.

And for recipes – there’s already quite a lot on there, laid out like the one above, with full macronutrient breakdown for each. These continue to be added to each month, so there’s always new things to try! I cover a broad range of recipe options to suit as many people as possible – High protein, low carb/keto, gluten/dairy free and of course vegetarian/vegan.

So why not take a look? You can join for as long as you like, and take what you need from it, just remember to keep logging in and checking it out, as there will be regular updates added.

Don’t forget to use the code FOUNDATIONMEMBER – $6 per month, for all that info? It’s worth so much more than that!