When did you last put yourself first?

Sometimes it can be far too easy to push our needs aside in place of someone else’s. I get it! Been there plenty of times. 

So often I’ve said that if you care for yourself first, you’re better equipped to care for others, and yes, that’s true.


What if that’s not all it’s about?

What if putting yourself first is all about YOU?

What if you take better care of yourself physically and emotionally, purely so that you feel better within yourself? Happier. Calmer. Fitter. All of these. 

I’ve run Happier Healthier Fitter (HHF) for a few years now, and while the ladies who’ve joined and put the work in, they’ve had some fabulous results, I felt like something was missing. We were putting in all of this work into ourselves, but the focus needed to be more clear – this is all about YOU. Not for others. You need to do this for YOU. Not to feel like you’re a better wife/mum/friend/partner/daughter. 

Yes, that comes with it, but shouldn’t the most important part of it be YOU?

So, I’ve tweaked HHF a bit (in some ways – a LOT), to move the focus inwards. And with that comes a new name. 


We still work on getting you more active, sleeping better, all that stuff. But it is all for YOU.

No one else.

Let me make this clear: The focus is not on the scales. The scales do not define your worth. They don’t define you. They’re just a number. 

That said, it’s quite possible that in making positive changes to how you care for yourself, you WILL see changes in your shape, and we can track weight and measurements if you like, but the focus is on the bigger picture:

  • Making time for yourself each day.
  • Feeling better in yourself.
  • Better sleep quality.
  • Moving more (and enjoying it!)
  • Making better food choices. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see?

I’m not saying that us working together will result in you always loving what you see in yourself, we all have tough days, right? I sure do!

But, putting the work into yourself to feel calmer, more positive, more in control and happy with how you look NOW, that can only make you feel better in yourself, right?

It’s not selfish to put yourself first, and drop the guilt!

Sure, putting the work into yourself might make you a nicer wife/partner/friend to be around, but this is about YOU.

About putting YOU FIRST.


So. What’s it all about?

  • It’s all online, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can be anywhere, and do this whatever time of day works for you.
  • Daily check ins via a Facebook group, to hold you accountable to what you set out to do.
  • No equipment or gym membership required!
  • A checklist to use daily (if you choose) showing you what needs to be done, and how to do it. It is flexible, but the more you stick to it, the more progress you will make.
  • A supportive group setting with only ladies in the current programme, so you all understand what each of you is doing for yourself.
  • Nutritional guidance – recipes, suggestions for easy, subtle changes that can make a BIG difference to your nutrition. My Fitness Pal tracking together is also an option.
  • Exercise programmes, by a qualified Coach (That’s ME) they can use body weight only if you have no equipment at home or dumb bells, or a gym programme – whatever works for you, we will make it work.
  • Access to my Member Only section of the website (currently being upgraded and improved), where there is more recipes, programmes and advice. 
  • Goal setting session prior to start date.
  • Weekly 1-1 check ins, via messenger, email or text to make sure that you are doing what you set out to do, make any tweaks to your programme if needed.
  • Weekly fitness challenges within the group.
  • Someone who REALLY GETS IT helping you along the way. I’m on my own journey right now, I understand exactly how hard it is to put yourself first, to eat well, to exercise, to lose weight. I understand, and I can help you change that.


To join the next round, there are 2 options:

  • One up front payment of $199
  • Pay $199 off over 6 weeks, using Laybuy.com, with no penalty to you.

So whatever way you choose, it works out to less than $3 per day!!!!

Want to join us? You can join here  https://misfitnz.co.nz/shop/exercise/online-services/online-training-you-first/– I can’t wait to chat with you and help you get started on your way to putting yourself first.