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How are you?

It’s all a bit crazy out there right now, huh? It’s pretty daunting, that’s for sure. No one really knows what to expect.

Hopefully these seemingly drastic measures pay off and in 4 weeks the virus is hugely reduced, and the health system can cope with what is left to come. We’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetime, and hopefully we never do again.

As much as I feel for the front line people – the doctors, nurses and pharmacists (no way could I cope with your jobs, my hat’s off to you all!), Shopkeepers who are still open, and I also REALLY feel for the people not quite so front line – the Mental Health Professionals. It doesn’t take a genius to see how much this virus, and now the isolation from it, is going to affect people, particularly those already afflicted with mental health issues.

There’s also concerns for domestic violence victims, being locked up with their abusers – the risk is so much higher there as well – emotions are up, tension is huge, and we can’t go anywhere!

It’s all pretty terrifying. Seems this is going to bring out the best and worst of people. No toilet paper fist fights yet, here in NZ, hopefully it’s not still to come!

I’ve seen some pretty awesome posts on social media, too. People offering to do shopping etc for people already in isolation, or too scared to leave the house. These people do it for no expectation of any payment, just doing it from the goodness of their hearts. These people are amazing.

So, what can we do to keep ourselves sane? I’m never going to tell you how to not get the Coronavirus, I won’t even tell you how to reduce your chances, short of the same as every other woman and her cat are saying – correct hand washing, good cough and sneeze hygiene, etc. I’m going to stay in my lane!

But what I DO want to talk about, is ideas for keeping yourself and your little ones moving over the next 4 (or more?) weeks. This isn’t the time to curl up on the couch with some chocolate and just have a 4 week long Netflix binge, as tempting as that was this morning! Believe me, your mental health will thank you.

Isolation is going to be hard, no doubt. I am under no illusion that this is going to be a party, thankfully my kids aren’t so little (8 and 10), and both LOVE learning, especially writing stories and reading, so now, on Day 3, they are full of enthusiasm. Smaller kids, I know will be much harder. And those of us who are working from home, whether that’s a new thing or not, have the added challenge of trying to keep it going with extra people and distractions to contend with.

So I just wanted to fire some ideas through for keeping moving while we are all locked up. Remember, you’re still allowed to go outside, you just have to stay away from anyone who’s not in your “bubble”. Getting some movement in, especially if you can get outside, is going to help you all so much in getting through this.

Try and be outside, if you can. Here’s a few ideas.

  • A short walk around the block – it doesn’t need to be far, just long enough to take in some fresh air, get the legs moving etc. Clear your head!
  • Walk to a park and let the kids run some laps on the grass. It’s not too cold yet, take off your shoes, and feel the grass on your feet. Lie in the sunshine. Just stay away from playgrounds – don’t go playing on those. Maybe take a ball or something instead.
  • Get out in the garden! So many of us complain we don’t have the time to get the gardens looking good. Well… now we do!
  • Wash the car. It won’t be going very far for awhile, so it will stay looking nice!
  • Join the kids in jumping on the trampoline.

Basically? Just get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Instant freedom!

But some of us can’t get outside, I know. So here’s a few other ideas:

  • Get on my online membership!!! From only $6 per month, you get workouts, exercise help, all sorts!! All are home based workouts, so anyone can do them!! https://misfitnz.co.nz/online-services/
  • Join my free group, for a daily check in, with some ideas to keep moving.
  • Try the thousands of dance routines on You Tube. There’s SO many!! Try this one – Fitness With Jessica or of course, The Fitness Marshall – he’s hilarious, and loads of fun, but not necessarily appropriate when kids are around – some are fine, some are…. borderline…
  • YOGA. Or Pilates! I’m a fan! Sometimes they’re harder than you would think! Yoga with Adriene is awesome. Blogilates is pretty fun as well.
  • When you’re talking on the phone – walk around the house or the yard. No need to stay seated!

Nothing earth shatteringly new in there, I know, but sometimes just seeing it in writing is enough to jog your mind to get up and do something.

We’ve got at least 4 weeks ahead of us. For now, this is our new normal. We may as well do whatever we can to make it enjoyable in some way.

However you choose to keep yourself busy, please do it away from anyone outside your “bubble”, and stay healthy!!!


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