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We were fortunate to be sent a pair of Baby Banz Protective Earmuffs to try out. Our friends are always heading off to the Shooting Range, and we have always wanted to go with them, but never quite get there. We finally got to go for Fathers Day, so it was the perfect opportunity to finally try these babies out.

Both kids love the design on them, they suit both girls and boys (handy when they need to share, no way would 8 year old Dexter want to wear a girly colour, ewwwwww), so this funky “Squiggle” design was perfect!

Amber (5 years), tried them out for awhile, she thought that they “made it lots quieter and kept her ears warm”, but she was a little sick, so probably not the best candidate for trying them out. Over to Dex to wear them, he is currently very into watching vloggers on You Tube do reviews on things, so he took this job VERY seriously. Dex is super sensitive to loud noises, and was quite unsure about visiting the noisy shooting range once he got out of the car, because it was so loud.

Well, he tried the earmuffs on in the car park, before we even got in there, and straight away he was happy, and was quite content to leave them on, even at times when they said we can remove our hearing protection.

His official feedback was that “they made loud things that are like a ‘10’ be more like a ‘4’ “ and that they were very comfy, and they made it not so scary when he finally got to hold and shoot a gun for himself, for the first time ever. Definitely a win there!!

These earmuffs were definitely a huge success, and we have lots of friends that like to do things that go Ka Boom, so they will be getting a lot of use over summer!!


Baby Banz Protective Earmuffs are for ages 2 – 30+ and there is also Mini Muffs for under 2 years old.

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