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I have been reviewing one of the gorgeous soap bars from Udderly Pure, and when Jeffie sent it out to me, she also sent me out a pot of Kawakawa Balm, which she also makes and sells.

She said it herself, and she was correct. This stuff is like GOLD. It’s been well used on 3 different ailments, and it’s only a teeny pot, but it goes such a long way.

It’s first use was for my son’s eczema, which he gets on his top lip when it’s windy. I never got photos of before and after this, as it was almost gone again when we received it, but it cleared up so fast when we changed to this!

The second use was for a sore above Amber’s top lip, kind of like a cold sore. These pictures show before I started treating it, and 3 days later – virtually gone!!! She is known to get upset at things “stinging”, and had complained about other stuff I had tried to put on it, but not this stuff. We put it on 2-3 times per day (around school hours), and within a couple of days it was so much better!

See?? Gone!!

During that time I burnt my hand on the oven element (I do it a lot, but this time was quite spectacular.), It hurt like crazy, and it wouldn’t heal, no matter what I put on it, and looked like it was headed to infection city. I asked Jeffie if the Kawakawa balm would be ok, and she said yes, for sure. She was right! These pictures are taken over a week after I did it (that’s how unhealed it was!!!) and a week later. Now, 2 weeks later, it’s just a scar and doesn’t hurt or itch at all. Miracle stuff! I’m going to have to get myself a big pot now, I think!

More than a week after I burnt it. Still oozing and getting a bit of puss. So sore!! This is when I started using the Kawakawa balm.

I know it still looks gross and sore, but it is so much better than the first pic, nowhere near as painful and has finally started healing!












I REALLY can’t recommend this product enough, make sure you check out Udderly Pure on Facebook

You can get your own Kawakawa Balm here – https://www.udderlypure.co.nz/product/kawakawa-balm-25g/