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For those of you who didn’t see it, last week I did a Live video on The Hive

I’ve done Live videos on my own page in the past (and I most definitely will be doing more!) but The Hive has almost 9000 followers! I knew that they wouldn’t all be on there watching at once, but it was still a daunting concept.


Didn’t see it? You can watch it here


I thought I would do a bit of a recap here, though. Not everyone wants/can listen to a Live video, so I thought, why not? I also see that I missed quite a bit of what I had written down. In all honesty, I was shitting myself, and obviously in my nervousness, I missed a chunk of what I had planned to say.


So what do I do? Locally, in Tauranga, I run women’s group fitness classes. I try to make them non threatening, low key, and FUN. So many ladies I have met are terrified to try a class for the first time, and I understand that, but I also understand how important it is to be active and to get out there and meet new people, so I try to make them as easy as possible to join. I also do a small amount of face to face Personal Training.

Last year, I started running online programmes. I wanted to be able to reach as many women as possible. I try to have a holistic, all around approach. There’s no point losing weight if you are still unhappy with your body and your life.

It’s about the big picture. While ladies who work with me usually do lose weight, if that is their goal, they also find they are happier in themselves, they are more active. Life in general is just better.

I have almost always been overweight. When I was a kid, I got the “well meaning” comments from various family members – You’re a bit porky. You need to lose some weight. Don’t eat that. And so on and so on.

I took it all on board. Poor body image was a huge part of my teenage years, and most of my 20s. I hated myself, so I ate more and moved less. So I hated myself more. And ate more and moved less. I know many of you will be sitting there nodding your heads at this. My problems weren’t uncommon. I was pretty miserable, even if on the outside, I seemed fine.

As a kid, I always had a fascination with my dad’s Fitness/Body Building magazines. I loved to read about Mr Olympia, about famous female body builders. I still have a real interest in the sport. The dedication and work that goes into competing is absolutely phenomenal.

SO in my mid 20’s, I decided to study Personal Training. I LOVED it! I worked in a few gyms, but life got in the way, and nothing ever really came of it. Come 2016 and I suddenly had a heap of exercise equipment, a big downstairs room at our new place, so my husband said, well, you spent all that time and money studying, why not put it to use? By this point in my life, my views on what “fitness” was had changed a lot.

After having kids, my body decided that losing weight was overrated, and now I had no energy to do anything. I was always getting sick, and I seemed to injure myself every time I tried to get active.

So I hated myself even more than I already did. The concept of working with ladies to help them get fitter, healthier, and love themselves some more just seemed like a joke. A job of the most fraudulent kind. How can I help them when I can’t help myself?

So I worked on myself. Not on losing weight, but on how I treated myself. Weight loss no longer came easy, if at all, and now I was also verging on Type 2 Diabetes. I was always warned this was a possibility after 2 pregnancies with Gestational Diabetes.  So it all had to be about better food choices, moving more, and just having a healthier lifestyle. I also had to learn to be nicer to myself – not beating myself up if I made a less than ideal food choice. I had to learn the hard way, that it’s not about the number on the scales, it’s about your health (physical and mental) – How you feel. How much energy you have. How you feel in yourself.


So. Why do I do this?


Because I get it.



Because I understand the struggle.



Because I understand feeling like shit and not knowing what to do about it.



I want to help. And I have been. Since early last year, I have run 5 online programmes, and although each group was small, the ladies who stuck with it got some pretty awesome results. If you take a look at the link I post below, you can find out more about the upcoming June programme. Understanding what it feels like from personal experience is completely different to having sympathy but being someone who has never been there, and that, combined with loads of personal contact, can make all the difference.

I would love to say there is a quick fix. But trust me, if I had found a real quick fix, that was easy, affordable and actually lasted long term, I would have done it myself by now. But I’m all about the long term, old fashioned, sustainable way. Small changes add up to big results, and doing it over time, and not just taking a magic pill, juice, shake, cutting out entire food groups, or cutting your calories to dangerous levels.

I admit it’s not a sexy or exciting method. But it does work. I myself am already down over a dress size and am fitter and stronger than I’ve been in years, yet the scales have barely moved.

I say it again. Not about the scales. I know it’s motivating to see them shift, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a end number in mind, but in the mean time, the fact that I am seeing so many other health and emotional improvements makes it all worthwhile.

Want me to help you get back on track, too? Head here – for more info on how to get started.