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To follow on from the last nights post, this is my first diary entry (I entered it on my phone, as I felt a real burning need to get it out then and there (in the middle of the night, no less)

But the plan is to get them in here more regularly, in one place.

So Saturday night I headed out to the NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association) comp that was held here in Tauranga. I’ve been to a number of Body Building comps over the years, but none for a couple of years. Going this year was no less inspiring.

Some of the ladies there were in their 40’s, doing their first ever competition, some after losing a LOT of weight. It got me thinking. If they can do that, albeit with a huge amount of determination and hard work, but if they can get to that point, surely I can step up my own movement levels, and get myself fitter, stronger and smaller? Not to their level, but somewhere in between, maybe?

Well, not if I get KFC on the way home, at hubby’s suggestion. Felt like total shit afterwards too.

So that’s where I am at the moment, like I said last night, I’ve been ticking away quietly in the background, not making massive progress, but slowly improving my nutrition, increasing my activity levels, and continuing to be nicer to myself. It’s definitely been a long journey, but it’s working – slowly, with baby steps, but a longer term change, rather than a quick fix.


And that’s what I’m all about.