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Is the Body Positive Movement all it’s cracked up to be? I think maybe it depends what you take from the term itself, or what version of it you agree with.
I’ve been struggling with it. Yes, absolutely, loving yourself is so important, I don’t believe you can be truly happy until you do.
​But loving yourself in the sense that you are happy as you are, you get complacent,

  • Ignoring dangerous health issues,
  • Lack of fitness,
  • Lack of strength,
  • No energy to get out there and LIVE,
  • Eating for emotions rather than to fuel your body… because you love yourself as you look now, that’s not the same thing.
There are so many Body Positive bloggers and websites out there, saying love yourself as you are, big is beautiful, you are perfect, flaunt it and fuck everybody else, etc. I agree.

​BUT. For a start, The BPM is for EVERYONE of EVERY SIZE AND COLOUR. Not just larger ladies.

  • W​hile loving yourself as you look on the outside, do you love who you are on the inside?
  • Do you love your current fitness level?
  • Are you as engaged in life as you would like to be?
  • Is there something you can do to work on that, while still loving yourself?
And isn’t getting fitter, stronger, healthier, regardless of your size… all just another way of loving your body? Of saying, I love you, and you are worth my 100% effort in treating you that way? Surely you can do both. Love yourself as you are right now, and tell the world about it. But also strive to be the fittest, healthiest version of you?
The Body Positive Movement, as defined in Wikipedia – The Body Positive Movement is a feminist movement that encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being. Whether people are nurturing their bodies and maintaining their weight, or finding a place in life where they are comfortable through working out, or changing their lifestyles to find a better attitude, the body positive movement focuses on building self-esteem through improving one’s self-image. The body positive movement targets all body shapes and sizes. The movement is not only about working out and striving to be positive and creating a better lifestyle for oneself, but deals with health as well. 
So by that definition, it isn’t only about loving yourself at any size, it’s about loving yourself on the outside at any size, BUT, becoming a healthier version of you. And if that’s what you take form the BPM, then fan-bloody-tastic. You just keep doing you and you will stay awesome. If though, you take only the aesthetic side of it, love yourself as you look now, and stay awesome there, you’re not really doing your body any favours, and in the long run, it’s really not following the deeper meaning of it all. 
 Girls Gone Strong is a great example of loving yourself, inside and out, here’s what they say – We envision a world full of women who take care of themselves because they deserve it, not because they think their bodies needs “fixing.”We envision a world full of women who feel so incredible about themselves, their accomplishments, and their bodies, that they don’t spend any time negatively comparing themselves to anyone.We envision a world full of women so confident that they don’t think they are better than everyone else, but rather, they clap their hands for, and lift up, the women around them.
I love this message. And it rings so true with me. I’m still learning to love my outside body. It’s a process! But in the mean time, I’m working on taking much better care of myself, both nutritionally, my fitness, and also being nicer to myself. 


I am the owner of MisFIT NZ ltd. A love of food and long standing laziness got me to the point of what I thought was no return – overweight, tired, grumpy, sad and never any energy. It took a good long look at the mirror and some serious self talk to get me back on track, and on a long journey back to health and happiness.