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Been a pretty messed up year, huh?

I can’t say I’m sad to see 2020 leave the building, I’m really not.

But it’s been a huge year for growth for me. Both personally, and in business. So for that, I’m grateful.

I’ve talked before about how I had to step away from MisFIT for awhile. In Spring of all times, when I’m normally the busiest. I was so ashamed about it, but if my heart isn’t in caring for myself, I’m never going to be able to help you. So I stepped away. Right away.

Even when I reopened at the end of October, I don’t think it was honestly the right time. But I felt like it was at the time, and so I did it. But nothing much came of it, and that was all on me. The time really wasn’t right.

So, I took a while to think about it all. Can I give MisFIT the time and energy she deserves? I’ve already put about 6 years into this, it’s not just a little side thing anymore. And so it needs to be treated accordingly.

And so here I am. Ready, willing, and actually ABLE.

I’ve really missed this. And I’m so glad I took the time out to work on myself, and reassess a few things. To decide what is actually important.

“You First” will be back on 15 February, which I’m really excited about. I also have a new programme I’m working on, which is focused even more on habits, rather than specific diets or workouts. I’m really excited about that, as well.

The other big plan for 2021 is to really build the membership section. I think that will be pretty amazing once it’s had a bit of overhaul.

So, that’s me for 2021. Thanks for sticking around, I appretiate all of you. It’s been a rocky ride for all of us.

Bye, 2020. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.