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I thought I better check in since it’s been over a week. Things are good!! Carbs are down, particularly at dinner time, gluten is reduced, water is up, vegies are back up. AND. I’ve been heaps more active. Saturday night, I even went downstairs to our gym and had a workout, AT 9PM ON A SATURDAY!!! I felt great afterwards. We had slothed about all day, watching movies, eating junk. So it was nice to get moving, get a bit of a sweat going

I’ve been really busy with the current ladies going my online programme, and plans are in place for the Spring round, so I am in full swing planning everything, but I’m being a lot more careful to practice what I preach and to be sure I care for myself as well as everyone else around me. How can I advertise that which I don’t do myself?

So it’s all going pretty good. I’m not weighing myself for awhile yet, as I already know how slowly it comes off, so why mess with my head unnecessarily? I know when I feel better, or my pants are looser. I’ve just come out the end of a whole week of sick kids home from school, so the focus is on catching up on “life”, and sleep. And remembering to breathe. Apparently that is important too.


So for the upcoming week, what’s the goals? Well, focus on getting more than 5-6 hours of sleep per night. Even 7 would be fantastic. I do tend to “bank”my sleep over the weekend and try to sleep in both mornings, wherever possible. But I still need to get to bed earlier. It’s just the best time of day for me to get heaps of work done! Water… it went up but it’s gone back down again, so more sleep and more water. I’ve had 1 workout this week, and the goal is 3 before Sunday, so that’s easily achievable, so watch this space.


See ya again next week for more updates on where I’m at!


PS you know I help ladies on their journies, while I’m helping myself, right? I do!! And the Spring Round is coming right up. Come work online with someone who actually gets it, and will be right there beside you, doing all the same things. You need to put yourself first more often!!! You can see all about it here┬áthen come join me and let me help you get in the healthiest shape possible, in time for summer!