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There’s often a disconnect between what we want (or THINK we want) vs what we actually NEED. 

Often, we think we know what we want from life. 

We want to earn big money. We want to be happy. We want a fancy home.

We want to lose weight.

But if you do a bit of soul searching, is that actually what you NEED?
What we need can also change over time. So, what do you need right now?

Until not that long ago, I thought I knew what I needed. But in actual fact, I only THOUGHT I knew what I WANTED

I was wrong.

I thought I wanted heaps of money. I thought I wanted to lose major amounts of weigh and look HAWT in a bikini. I thought I wanted lots of things.

Over time (maybe it’s age? I don’t know) I realised my priorities had changed. Or maybe I just never actually knew what my priorities were. 

I don’t know. But I saw things differently. Turns out I didn’t want OR need them.

Heaps of money: 

You know what? After spending years on the bones of our ass, having to really contemplate if we could actually afford that weekend coffee, I realised I don’t actually care if I’m rich. 

I care that we can provide for our kids, that we could have the occasional holiday without living on 2 minute noodles the whole time. That we can pay the bills and have a little “play money” left over to do fun stuff with our kids. 

Not the mansion and super fancy car, shooting overseas multiple times a year, or showering our kids with anything their hearts desired. Just to be comfortable. We have a home, we have a car, the bills are paid. Well, they are these days. 12 months ago, not so easily. 

To be a skinny chick that looks great in a bikini:

This was the biggest one. My focus changed quite awhile ago, but it’s become more refined over the last year or so. 

Life will be easier when I lose more weight. Sure it will – things will hurt less. Moving will be easier when there’s less of me. I’m not going to deny that. 

But why does the focus have to be on the scales or the size in your clothes tag?

It doesn’t. Those things don’t make you awesome. 

So, instead I’ve shifted my thinking to one around how do I FEEL?

Do I have energy?

Can I go for an impromptu play at the park with the kids and not need a lie down after?

And the biggest one? AM I HAPPY?

How we feel within ourselves determines how basically everything else goes in our lives. 

So what do we NEED, to be happy? To be comfortable with who we are RIGHT NOW, instead of always wishing we were more or had more?

As always, it comes right down to those four basics that I keep talking about. 

Sleep More

Move More

Drink Your Water

Eat Your Vegies

Start there. Sleep and movement are both massive contributors to how we feel and how we act. 

And also how much people want to be around us. You know I’m right.