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It’s been awhile since I introduced myself, and I have so many new friends, I thought it would be a good time to sit down and have a cuppa and a chat.

Who am I kidding??? It’s 9.30 on a Friday night. I have a wine, not a cuppa. In my defense, I actually very rarely drink wine. But tonight, I do!

So besides showing you I don’t have a life on a Friday night, who am I? Well, I’m Nikki. I’m 37, I live in Tauranga with my husband, who as of next month, I will have officially been with more than half my life. That’s a bit crazy, but also pretty cool. We have 2 kids – Dexter (9) and Amber (7), an old kitty cat (Mudd – yes, we called our cat Mudd) 2 Flemish Giant rabbits (Molly and Caramello), 2 guinea pigs (Dash and Squeak), and 3 old chickens (Lucy, Zaffy and Rose). It’s a bit of a madhouse, but we love it. We’d have more animals if we had the space.

We’ve been in our house for 4.5 years, after basically living in a shoe box for 7 years, we have a lot more space, but it needs a lot of work done. In the time we’ve been here I’ve been learning all about growing more of what we eat, so I now have a pretty good vege and herb garden going, as well as lots of fruit trees.

But what about what it is that I do? Well, many eons ago, I realised that all those years reading my Dad’s Muscle and Fitness magazines had lead to something. A desire to help others build their perfect body. That focus has shifted completely over the years, now my life’s mission is to help women just MOVE. To get active, care for themselves, eat better and to live a life worth living again. And to learn that it’s not actually ABOUT the perfect body. It’s about a whole lot more.

This is actually a pretty old picture. We need some new ones!!

Some people might think it’s a little bit odd, a girl who is overweight helping other ladies to get more active and make better food choices, but you know what? It actually works. Pretty well, if I may say so. Firstly, if I have the qualifications and the experience, and my ladies get results, it shouldn’t matter anyway.

But for the average woman that I work with, they’re scared of joining a gym, they’re nervous about the muscle bound, never been overweight Personal Trainers at the gym (There is nothing wrong with these trainers, and I love working with them myself), BUT, when you’ve been sitting on your bum for years, whether it’s while raising babies, or just years of not giving a shit about yourself and your health, first impressions can be quite intimidating! I’m on my own journey (more about that next week, for those that don’t know much about me), but the fact I obviously really do understand where they are coming from – it seems to make them more comfortable to trust me and start working with me. I don’t have that seemingly unattainable body, I look kinda normal really. Which for some ladies, that’s more comforting. Some ladies want DO to work with the Trainer that looks like their #bodygoals, or that they know is going to kick their ass on the daily. Each to their own, it’s all about works best for the individual woman.

This isn’t to say that I don’t exercise, or I don’t eat well. I do both of these, and over the years, it has taken a lot of trial and error to finally find the right balance.

Over the years, I’ve eaten FAR too much, and I’ve also eaten far too little.

I’ve cried over food guilt.

I’ve rewarded a 1kg loss with a huge feed of Burger King.

I’ve made myself go hungry because the scales aren’t doing what they’re meant to.

I’ve exercised too much, and not at all. I’ve stared at the mirror with it all hanging out and hated myself so much I cried and wanted to punch the mirror.

Oh yeah. I’ve been there for all that stuff.

I may not look like the stereotypical trainer, but I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve been in years, regardless of what the number on the scales or my jeans tag might say. Although the scales and measurements are actually going down slowly now, these things are only metrics. They don’t really mean a lot, provided you are eating well and moving plenty, and don’t have any underlying medical issues. I’ve made it my mission to keep pushing this message – stop worrying about the damn scales and just move more, eat more vegetables etc. It’s slowly getting through, but after decades of hearing it be all about the scales, or about starving yourself, it’s a hard message to prove.

It’s a bit scary, if I’m honest. Putting myself out there when I may not look the part, but you know what? The more often that I get testimonials back from clients like below, (yes about weight loss in some cases, but also the other improvements,) the more I know I’m doing what I’m meant to do, and what I LOVE to do. Not everyone can say that, so I’m pretty lucky.

Or what about “thanks for showing me it’s not all about the number on the scale”? The message is getting through! It takes a lot of gentle reminding, some little prods along the way, but slowly, the masses are noticing. I just have to keep on with the nagging 🙂

So how do I go about spreading this message, you may ask?

Well, I initially started off with just Group Fitness classes, and the odd 1-1 client, locally. But I always knew that I wanted to reach a much bigger audience, and put the focus on the big picture, not just exercise once or twice a week, so I started to research heading into the online space.

Damn has that been hard work!! There are so many other online coaches out there, some are amazing, some are hacks. But how do you stand out from all of them, and encourage ladies that YOU are the one who can best help them?

By being my truest, most authentic self. Putting myself out there, jiggles, flab n all, and showing them that it’s ok to not have that so called “perfect body”, but you can still care for yourself, and you can still make an effort to be happier, more active, and the best version of yourself.   That raising a family/working/life in general can be bloody trying, and it’s so  hard to not lose yourself amongst it. And by showing them that I’m just like  them, and I understand, but I can also help.

So I’ve created some online programmes to help get that all happening. There’s a free one, there’s a 10 week group one, and there’s about to be the big kahuna – 1-1 coaching, all done online. There’s other stuff in the pipeline too, I’m nothing, if not busy!!

So if you would like to chat some time, please flick me a message, I’m usually not far from my email, so send a message if you want to know more about how we can work together, but in the mean time, that’s a bit more about what it is that I actually do!!

I’ll be back next week. Actually, I’ve planned out a huge amount of topics, and the goal is to finally get in to weekly posts, so hopefully you’re going to hear a bit more from me from now on!!