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So with the pretty new website all up and running, and lots of new likers to both my pages, I thought it was a good time to come back and say “Hi!” and reintroduce myself.

So, who am I?

Well, I am a girl of many names. My first was Nikki, and I guess I will always be Nikki. I’m married to Adam, and we have 2 kids, Dexter, who is 8 next week, and Amber, who is 5 but may as well be 15. We live in Tauranga, and have some chickens, some fish, a guinea pig, and a cat called Mudd. People who don’t know me well always think I’m in a shitty mood. Sorry bout my face, I just have a wicked case of Resting Bitch Face. Can’t be helped. Oh, and my mind is always going a mile a minute (2 miles, usually), so generally if I look extra shitty, I am thinking about the next thing I need to do, my to do list is miles long. Need to work on that.

In 2013 I decided it would be fun to make tutus for some friends and family, as I had always been crafty, and with a baby girl in the house, it was time I got a bit girly for once. It kind of took off, and that created AmbiDexi. 4 years down the track and it is about to be relaunched, as a more grown up business, making special occasion tutus (particularly for adults), as well as jewellery and accessories.

Fatty Goes Bye Bye came about because I was forever starting new obsessions with weight loss, and never getting anywhere. I thought that if I put it out there in the world, it would hold me accountable and I would be skinny and gorgeous in no time. Well, that never worked out. I got bigger, lazier, and ashamed that I put myself out there then failed like a big, fat failure. I ended up being sick for months. The flu, copious amounts of tummy bugs and colds, chest infections, you name it. I felt so down on myself that I couldn’t make any progress, so I ate my feelings some more… and some more…. and … yeah. You get it.


MisFIT NZ then followed in 2016, because when I was smaller, fitter etc, I studied to be a Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach (ironic, right?) and I loved every minute of it, and once my kids got a bit older, I decided it was time to that that party going again.

I came across a group on Facebook where the ethos was all in the idea that eating is to fuel your body and should also be enjoyable. Food is food. Calories are calories. Eat what makes you happy. I couldn’t quite grasp the concept, and it took so much soul searching for me to come to the conclusion that while shitty crappy food makes you feel good for 5 minutes, does it really make you feel good? Does it fuel your body? Does it help you fuel your body to live an active lifestyle? Nope. Not really.

So that kind of lead to a brain wave – instead of either A> being super restrictive, and focusing on what I CAN’T eat, and rather than B> eating only perfect low calorie foods, I would instead look at what foods made me FEEL good. Does a big plate of meat and vege give me more energy to get off my ass and live life, or does a BK Chicken combo, large with a sundae and onion rings? Well?

Come on. You know the answer.

It’s still bloody hard to stick to initially, and admittedly I have slipped back into old habits recently. At the time, though, I spent a good few months chucking all diets out the window and focused only on my mind. It was liberating. I’m not gonna lie, I’m still only 7kg lighter than I was back then, BUT, I’ve managed to rid myself of the mind fuck that is being on perpetual diets. That said, there does need to be SOME commitment. So that’s where Happier Fitter Healthier comes in to the mix.

I came across something like this in the old days when I worked in a gym, but it was for a shorter time frame, WAY more strict, and aimed purely at losing weight. Back then, I thought that was awesome. But grown up me has new priorities. Like, you know, being happy. Playing with the kids. Being more active. I’m not gonna lie, I need to lose a few kilograms to feel more like my old healthy self, but that comes with time. It needs to be an all around approach, and not confine me to boiled chicken and brocoli forever. I can’t do that. Binge City will soon follow.

So, I thought about that old programme, then completely rewrote it to be one that is much more inline with my beliefs now. And it works! The ladies who have taken part and kept their motivation, have had great results! 12 weeks is a fricken long time, yes, I know. But it is a great amount of time to allow you to make slow, steady, permanent changes, rather than jumping in, going full steam ahead, then at the end you eat heaps, gorge on doughnuts and feel like shit. Oh, and gain all that weight back.

So, no. This is about slow and steady wins the race. Obviously the more disciplined you are, the better you are going to do, but that is up to you.

The other huge part of this, which is just as important, is changing the way you approach all of this. Not having mega guilt trips when you don’t eat as well as you planned. Not giving up because you had a bad day, and you want to just eat your feelings. Actually WANTING to exercise. There’s so much besides the actual eating and moving that needs to all line up, otherwise, what use is being a fit chick in a bikini if you are absolutely fucking miserable?

Anyway, I decided what with Spring being here, and Summer on it’s way, it’s time for me to practice what I preach and get back on the band wagon myself. Scared? You betcha!

The idea of making a page so people will know what I am doing was a good one. But actually participating in the programme I run, and documenting it all for everyone to see? Now I HAVE to stick at it. No choice this time, no backing out!!

Stay tuned, I’m gonna be bombarding you with my progress!!


Want to join in and be a part of Round 3? Head HERE for more info, or HERE to join before Sunday 10 September!