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I’ve had this question a few times recently, and over the last couple of years that I’ve been running my online programme. It’s a completely valid question, and one I thought I would set out to answer in this post. I’ve been running these for awhile now, and am now confident it is the PERFECT length, but let me explain.

The first few rounds of Happier Healthier Fitter, it was 12 weeks long. I had the feedback many times back then that 12 weeks was a long time. I get it. It really is a long time!

So I took it on board and reduced it to 10 weeks, with hugely positive feedback from the ladies who completed it.

You know what the main reason I have kept it this length for 18 months now is?

Because it takes time to make changes. You’ve likely spent years creating the habits you have, they won’t all just go away overnight. Sticking to new habits after making such fast, radical changes, is not usually conducive to life long changes, it takes a lot more effort.

So that’s where Happier Healthier Fitter comes in. We break it down into 16 daily tasks. It’s up to you how many you want to stick to daily. Sometimes you might get 15/16, some days you might get 12. But it’s not a case of starting on day 1 and going for 16 ticks and getting that every day for a month. It’s a case of seeing where you are starting at the beginning, and trying to get more ticks each week, until you’re consistently attaining more ticks each week (all ticks are hugely relevant to a healthier lifestyle)

Like I said, it’s up to you how many ticks you get, it’s not some scaremongering challenge, where you must get 100% or you’ve failed, not at all.

But the best way to create new habits is to use them in replacing old ones that you don’t want so much any more. And again, this takes time.

This is one I snuck into my night time routine – it became a habit that at 9.30 every night, hubby and I would sit down in front of the tv, turn on Netflix, and eat chocolate/icecream/biscuits.. (insert guilty pleasure here) Sometimes it was ONE biscuit, sometimes it was half a big block of chocolate. How much is not the point, it’s the habit that I had created.

But, for a start, I would go to bed feeling rotten, and half the time not able to sleep. So instead, I either make myself a skinny hot chocolate, or just a glass of water or herbal tea, depends how I’m feeling. I get on my stretchy pants, if I’m not already in them, and I sit on the floor in the lounge, and I stretch. Not a workout. Just a stretch. Sometimes I get out the Shakti mat instead, depends how I feel on the night. But it meant I was going to bed more relaxed, and not pinging out on chocolate.

But to do that, you need to recognise your trigger. For me, it was sitting down at night at 9.30. My brain told me that meant it was time for treats, because I had done it for so long. So I had to retrain it, that no, it’s time for stretches. These days, sometimes I stretch, sometimes I just hang in my lazy boy, but my brain doesn’t automatically demand sweet goodies now, so I’m calling it a changed habit!

And that’s my point. It took awhile for that to become habit, it takes awhile to replace it with a new one. And that’s only 1 small habit. But making lots of small changes like this all add up to some pretty fantastic changes.

So, when I had these questions arise again recently, I had a good think on it, and I went back to some of the ladies who have completed the 10 weeks, and stuck with it through that time. What did THEY think? Afterall, they would know better than me, right?

Kim told me she found that the 10 weeks went really quickly, and that she was sad when it was over. She made some pretty great changes in that time, and I know she has continued using the programme to keep building on the new habits she created over the 10 weeks.

Other ladies have said that the timeframe is perfect – that it gives them time to settle in slowly, and not overwhelm themselves so much that they just give up.

You want to know a secret? At about week 3, regardless of how long the programme is, there’s almost ALWAYS a bit of a slump in motivation. Happens every time. Not with every person, but every round, quite a few lose the urge to make changes. They’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks, it’s not all new and interesting any more. But you know what? You have to dig down, remind yourself WHY you’re doing this and just KEEP GOING.

Just keep going. And if the programme was only 4 weeks long, that doesn’t give you much time, does it? Whereas 10 weeks, you’ve got time to re settle yourself, get back on track and really make some amazing changes.

This is all about making changes you can keep up for life. It’s not going to happen quickly, and the time we spend together needs to reflect that. I don’t want you to make changes for the time we are together and then go back to your old ways after. I want you to stick to it forever, and to do that, you need to spend time making it happen.

I hope that this has helped explain the length of time that this is run for. The next round starts on June 24, which is less than a week away!!! So if you want to jump on with us, head here to be in with the cool kids –

Any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I’m always happy to answer any queries to be sure this is the right online programme for you.